Listening is the start of any wonderful tour.
We listen. You Travel.
Tours - Personalised to your heartbeat.
Eco-friendly places are not always on the map; they are in our hearts.
There is no thing as perfection but our services are impeccable as they get.
No frills, No hidden costs.
Fair pricing.
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Why Us?

Personalised Experiences

One size cannot fit all. Each requirement is as different as they come. Every time the team, with its breadth of varied experience, has to sit down and plot a new plan.

Unique Places

Eco and community friendly places are not always on the map. Our network and the knowledge of all such places make us a reservoir of places to disappear into.

Impeccable Services

Services are services. Can’t be any different, right? Our standing and experience in the industry ensures we have made all our mistakes early in our journey. We have learnt them the difficult way.

Fair Price

Our 40 years of experience in the Industry and our personal rapport with all service providers translate into extremely competitive long term and stable prices for Infinity. This is easily passed on to our clients.

Enjoy the


For individuals or groups or businesses of any size, we help organise and manage all their travel and tour needs. Be it hotel bookings or multi-city airline itineraries to sightseeing trips to team-building activities or any travel or tour related service – Infinity is your trusted travel

Packaged and Delivered


At Infinity we believe events play a huge role when it comes to relationships and memories that surround people. After all that’s what people work hard for.

Our in-depth first hand ground information has helped provide a client an event exactly the way they initially perceived it. Such events, when packaged and delivered well, have a cascading effect on hosts and guests alike. We act as the perfect catalyst.

Quick Day Trips And


We value wellbeing and recognise these short breaks or excursions as rejuvenating to our guests. We offer day excursions and 1 or 2 night’s tours. These, we believe, ensure complete re-creation of the mind and body.

Fortunately, our land has a lot to offer and we have been selective in terms of choosing a destination, its activities, accommodation and so on. Better places, feel good activities and smiling faces are definite characteristics of such experiences. It is soulful to many, when it supports the local community, livelihoods, traditions, craft and art. These excursions are also part of our longer Holiday Packages that we offer.

Serving you better

Hospitality Services

The hospitality industry is a great opportunity for the right-thinking businesses. To maximize this, one needs the expertise, experience of operating such businesses and of course the vision to capitalize on customer expectations.