Why Us?​

Personalised Experiences

One size cannot fit all. Each requirement is as different as they come. Every time the team, with its breadth of varied experience, has to sit down and plot a new plan. And every time we remind our team that listening is the start of any wonderful tour. Once we listen, we become curious and careful at the same time. Our solutions, as bespoke as they can be, often tickle the client’s heart and mind. Resulting in a symphony of emotions that awake the true traveller in you. That calling makes our work so pleasurable. Personalised to your heartbeat.

Unique Places

Eco and community friendly places are not always on the map. Our network and the knowledge of all such places make us a reservoir of places to disappear into. Our team’s dedicated search and efforts ensure that these places are ready to welcome you at a short notice. As a responsible tour advisor we choose those places which are less travelled yet specially high on uniqueness.

Impeccable Services

Services are services. Can’t be any different, right? Our standing and experience in the industry ensures we have made all our mistakes early in our journey. We have learnt them the difficult way. Now that we know where the potholes are, we ensure you have it all sewed up for you take the right roads and make the right left turns. Our partners and our service providers have been carefully chosen over the years and we have forged a wonderful partnership in taking care of all our guests. To the best of our abilities and our knowledge of their needs. Yet, there is no perfection but we urge our service lines to stay as impeccable as they can get. That’s a promise.

Fair Prices

Our 40 years of experience in the Industry and our personal rapport with all service providers translate into extremely competitive long term and stable prices for Infinity. This is easily passed on to our clients. Transparent and Fair pricing has always been our forte and that we believe is one of the many reasons why we have smiling clients coming back to us every time. No frills, no hidden costs. Of course, fair pricing also ensures we have food on our table too!